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Our footprints in the countries of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Macau and China ..have brought us tremendous opportunities crossing path with a lot of interesting professionals. Our database's inquisition who have always wanted to find out more on the latest developments and happenings of the other part of the region, have inspired us to launch "Our Sharings".

"Our Sharings" is a column contributed by Asiapac Talents' friends, associates, successful candidates, database from different parts of the world....They have put in an intended efforts and gone through a deliberate thought process to hand pick a topic of interest to share with you - it could be their professional skills, their lifestyle, their guidance in their career pursuit, their mouth watering secret recipe, their fighting history of achievements and many more....We sincerely hope Our Sharings would help us to be better connected.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their kindness and their willingness to share..

We hope Our Sharings would motivate all of us to interact, to learn, to get to know and to appreciate the experiences of others in enriching our knowledge and life outlook.

There will be a new sharing, immediately there are good sharing passed on and we hope you will find them refreshing.

Our authors welcome you to contact them, should you like to have further interactions from here.

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 Listen, glance and be silent!

Listen, glance and be silent!
Listen, to learn how to speak,
Glance, to learn how to build,
And be silent, to understand what to do,
Listen, glance and be silent!
Ion Minulescu poet

Growing up in a ...
- Ms. Raluca Rus, Hospitality (Romania)
 Overall, Vietnam has been successful in taking it tourism market from a state of immaturity and instability to one of sustainable growth and development...

The growing number of tourist arrivals to Vietnam is attracting significant new foreign investment in tourism-related projects. VinaCapital, a Vietnam-dedicated investment bank, in July of 2006 announced its acquisition of a 52.2% stake in the Hanoi-based Hilton Hanoi Opera, bumping its total owners ... - Ha Le, General Manager (Vietnam)
Ride the Volatility
 The ups and downs of a stock market exist in every part of the world, particularly in emerging market where sentiment plays a bigger role in driving stock prices. ...

When I first received the invitation from to contribute an article, I was a little puzzled if the database of this hospitality search website would be interested in my investment outlook. I was most willing to share when I learn that the management of welcomes any topics that ... - Ang Kok Heng, CFA (Malaysia)

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