1Is it compulsory to register myself via the website:www.asiapactalents.com ?
A.It is not compulsory if you do not want to register yourself via our website and just be a visitor to browse through our web. It is compulsory for you to register yourself if you would like to seek services from Asiapac Talents Sdn Bhd.
2Can I register myself even if I am not a Malaysian?
A.All are welcome to register themselves regardless of nationality.
3Can I register myself even if I am not looking for a job immediately?
4Would your Client have access to my information, even if I am not looking for a job immediately, which potentially can be detrimental to my current employment?
A.Our Client would have access to your information registered but your identity and your current work place will remain anonymous and hence, will not be detrimental to your current employment.
5What is the difference of registering myself with Asiapac Talents versus a visitor without registration?
A.Registered applicants will have the following advantages :-
a) Able to apply job listed by Asiapac Talents;
b) Able to view the full job listings;
c) Able to receive our internal newsletters;
d) Potentially identified by our Client
e) Preferential privileges of Activities of Asiapac Talents while unregistered visitor will not enjoy the above.
6Is there any registration fee to pay by registering myself ?
7Can I apply for any job listing even it is a posting from a foreign country of mine?
8How do I apply for a job listing ?
A.You have to firstly register yourself and click `submit at the bottom of the job listing that you are interested in.
9Can I apply for more then a job at the same time ?
10Can I apply for an opening which the ad has expired?
A.Yes. Asiapac Talents will proceed to process the applications if the opening has not been finalized by Our Client, however, Asiapac Talents reserves the rights to keep the information for future purposes without processing it
11How do I know the status of my job application?
A.Just log in your username with your password and the status of your application will be displayed.
12Can I make changes to my resume, even if I have submitted my application?
A.Yes. Firstly, log in yourself and edit your application, at any point of time. However, if the application has been processed, changes may not be acknowledged by The Management even though the changes have been reflected in our main server.
13How soon do I know the outcome of my job application?
A.This is subject to our Clients timing. There is no specific timing. The indicative time frame will be 2-3 weeks after the closing date of our Application. Again, this is subject to the seniority of the opening and it is really on case by case basis.
14How do I contact Asiapac Talents if my application has long been outstanding ?
A.Yes. You may pose your enquiry via send@asiapactalents.com
15Would I be advised the reasons, if my application was unsuccessful?
A.No. It is entirely up to our Clients decision.
16Do I have to pay any fee to apply for a job?
17Do I have to pay any placement fees if I were to be successful with any job postings?
A.No, Asiapac Talents does not impose any charges on our successful candidates for jobs posted, unless if you would like to appoint Asiapac Talents to work on your desired employment parameters with an agreed fee in writing.
18Do I have to pay for visa, flight ticket and any other relevant processing fee if I were to be successful with an overseas placement?
A.No, it has been a practice for the Employer to bear the above cost. However, Our Client reserves the rights for the final decision. Successful candidates are strongly encouraged to clarify with the Employer before accepting the Letter of Offer.
19How am I being interviewed for an overseas posting?
A.Shortlisted candidates will usually be screened over the phone and finalized candidates will be flown to the Clients geographical origin for final interview.
20Is there any other information I need to know before registering with Asiapac Talents ?
A.Asiapac Talents does not guarantee you a job placement, by you registering and providing your information and applications. You fully acknowledge and are responsible of all information and facts given to Asiapac Talents are all truthful and factual.

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